School Rules

You are expected to follow the Code of Conduct and the School Rules.


  • Wear the correct school uniform.

  • Follow the ‘Rules For Learning’.

  • If you are absent from school an explanation is required when you return – this can be written in the planner. We disapprove of pupils taking holidays during term time. If unavoidable, a form to inform us (available from the Main Office) must be completed. Absence for holidays may not be authorised for pupils.

  • Smoking is forbidden in school.
  • Do not drop litter – bins are provided.

  • Mobile phones are allowed on site (please see policy in school planner).

  • No pupil is to carry medicine or tablets around school – hand them in to the main school office for safe keeping. The only exception is if you have an inhaler for asthma or an epipen.

  • Glass bottles or containers, aerosols, chewing gum, Tipp-Ex pens, laser pens, “energy” drinks and alcohol are forbidden in school. These items will be confiscated.

  • Any money brought for trips should be paid in straight away.

  • No pupil is to leave the school premises without permission and MUST sign out. Years 7, 8 and 9 are NOT allowed out of school. Years 10 and 11 are allowed out at lunchtime only when their attendance is sufficiently good to deserve this privilege – with a valid Lunch Pass. (Pupils arriving back late after lunch, or lending their Pass to someone else, will have their passes temporarily withheld). ALL pupils are strongly advised to remain within the school premises during the lunch hour.

The authority of the Headteacher extends beyond the school gates.

Where a pupil is identifiable as a Lewis Girl, and her conduct damages

the good name of the school, the Headteacher will take appropriate action.